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Fall 2021

Mondays 12:30pm PT

Zoom or CERAS 123

September 20

Jared Furuta, Gili S. Drori, and John W. Meyer

The Rise of the Social State as a Global Model: A Comparative and Historical Study, 1870-2000

September 27

Jieun Song

UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs program

October 4

Gabriela Gavrila, Lisa Overbey, and Francisco Ramirez

Diversity as a Moving Target: Tracing the Adoptions and Adaptations of Diversity-Related Offices in U.S. Higher Education over the past 50 years

October 11

Volha Chykina, Charles Crabtree, and Kiyoteru Tsutsui

Measuring Rights and Inclusivity across American Universities



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in SOC 311A / EDUC 387, "Workshop: Comparative Studies of Educational and Political Systems"