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Spring 2017 Schedule

Mondays 12:30 - 1:45pm in SCANCOR (1st Floor of CERAS)


April 3

Institutional Effects in the Worldwide Expansion of Innovation

Becas Chile scholarship project

Gonzalo Valdés

April 10

Mentions of Gender-Based Violence in School Textbooks, 1950–2010: A Cross-National Analysis

Garnett Russell, Julia Lerch* & Christine Min Wotipka

April 17

Political Sway: Neoliberalism and the Post-Political Paradox of the World Economic Forum

Adrienne Sörbom

April 24

Global Structural Changes in Education Systems: High Stakes Examinations and Tracking, 1960-2010

Jared Furuta

May 1

International Student Networks as Transnational Social Capital: Illustrations from Japan

Rennie J. Moon (Yonsei University) 

May 8

Institutionalization of the Development Office

Nadine Skinner

May 15

Exploring Ideas for 2nd year QP

Gabi Gavrila


Poverty and Economic Inequality Narratives in U.S. Social Science Textbooks

Lisa Overbey

May 22

An analysis of the American university mission statements

Naejin Kwok

May 29

No Workshop (Memorial Day)

June 5

The Rise in UK Universities’ Professional Administrators — From the Maintenance of Things to the Maintenance of Purpose

Roxana-Diana Baltaru (University of Essex, UK)




weekly meetings on Mondays at 1:00pm PST (Zoom link: please e-mail for password)


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in SOC 311A / EDUC 387, "Workshop: Comparative Studies of Educational and Political Systems"