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Spring 2019

Mondays 12:30 pm

SCANCOR (Ceras 123)

April 1

Nadine Ann Skinner

The Global Diffusion of the American Fundraising Model

April 8

Tom Christensen and Liang Ma

Chinese university administrations - Chinese characteristics or global influence

April 15

No workshop/CIES San Francisco

April 22

Tim Weiss

Imaginaries and World Culture Expansion: Transformative Change and Technology Entrepreneurship in Kenya

April 29

Lisa Overbey

Cross-national trends in the content of global education reform: An Analysis of education policy themes between 1970-2016 in 135 countries

May 6

Gabriela Gavrila

“Internationalize or Perish”: Unpacking the impetus to internationalize at universities worldwide


Seungah Lee

The global race towards a “world class” university? An examination of university mission statements worldwide

May 13

Christine Min Wotipka

Gender segregation among academic faculty: a study of elite higher education institutions across 13 countries

May 20

Daniel Scott Smith

Exploring trends and institutional factors in the discursive expansion of the British state, 1803-1918

May 27

No workshop/Memorial Day

June 3

Elise Paradis

Hidden in plain sight: The Surgical Safety Checklist, cultural beliefs, and the problem of compliance



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