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Spring 2020

Mondays 12:30 pm


April 6

Patricia Bromley (with Lisa Overbey, Jared Furuta & Minju Choi)

Update on the “Cross-national data on education reform” project

April 13

Jan Goldenstein

The Co-Constitution of Meaning Systems Across Institutional Fields: A Comparative Study of Responsible Actorhood in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, 1950-2012

April 20

Tobias Dalberg

Does Election Matter? Gender and the Evolution of Major Selection among US Undergraduates

April 27

Jared Furuta

Path Dependence and World Society in National Education Systems: Global Trends in the Use of High Stakes Exams at Early Ages, 1960-2010

May 4

Hannah D'Apice

Representations of indigenous groups in cross-national textbooks, 1950-2011

May 11

Seungah Lee

When entrepreneurship becomes a national enterprise: The case of the Arabian Gulf


Katyn Chmielewski

Global Trends in Socioeconomic Segregation between Schools, 1964-2018

May 18

Gabriela Gavrila

From Ivory Towers to Green Lighthouses: Examining the Sustainability Mandate of Universities in the 21st Century

May 25

No workshop

Memorial Day

June 1

Minju Choi

Human Rights and Human Capital Ideas in Global Education Reforms, 1998-2018


Jieun Song

The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Program for Universities: Becoming a legitimate participant in the global knowledge society



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