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Winter 2019

Mondays 12:30 pm

SCANCOR (Ceras 123)

January 7

Fostering “Global Citizens?” Trends in Global Awareness, Agency, and Exposure to Diverse Perspectives in Textbooks Worldwide, 1950-2011

Seungah Lee

January 14

Global Neoliberalism and Its Educational Effects

John Meyer & Julia Lerch

January 21

No Workshop, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 28

Political Embeddedness or World Cultural Pressure? Explaining Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in China, 2005-2015

Jeong-Woo Koo

February 4

Social Capital and Cross-National Variation in Outcomes during the 2013-2016 West Africa Ebola Crisis

Michelle Reddy

February 11

The Cultural Construction of Disaster Preparedness: Cross-National Adoption of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), 2005-2015

Patricia Bromley

February 18

No Workshop, Presidents' Day

February 25

Chinese university administrations - Chinese characteristics or global influence?

Tom Christensen

March 4

The Worldwide Rise of Peace Education: Examining Structural, Cultural, and Academic Indicators, 1945-2014

Hannah D'Apice

March 11

When states learn to school: exploratory descriptive findings from a corpus of nearly 1 million speeches given in the UK parliament, 1803–1914

Daniel Scott Smith



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