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Winter 2021

Mondays 1:00pm PT

Zoom (link): Please e-mail for password.

January 11

Jared Furuta, Patricia Bromley, and John Meyer

Education in a Post-Liberal World Society

January 18

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Special Session with Nadine Ann Skinner

January 25

Michael Giesen

The Rising Diversity within International Governmental Organizations

February 1

Daniel Scott Smith

The Scientization of State Schooling in United Kingdom Parliamentary Discourse, 1803-1914

February 8

Seungah Lee

Rise of the Entrepreneurship for Development and Progress Agenda

February 15

President's Day

No workshop

February 22

Minju Choi

Human Rights and Human Capital Discourse in Education Reforms, 1960-2018

March 1

Nadine Skinner, Hannah D'Apice, and Patricia Bromley

Depictions of Indigenous Groups in Californian & Texan History Textbooks

March 8

Seungah Lee, Jieun Song, Christine Min Wotipka, and Francisco Ramirez

To STEM or Not to STEM: A Cross-National Analysis of Gender and Tertiary Degrees Graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, 1998-2018

March 15

Lisa Overbey

Content of National Education Reforms, 1970-2016



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