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Welcome to the Comparative Sociology Workshop

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Sprng 2024 schedule

From graduate students working on papers and dissertations to faculty and visiting scholars presenting cutting edge comparative research, CSW has a wide array of presenters and research each quarter of the academic year.

See the Spring 2024 schedule!

Stanford Comparative Sociology Workshop provides faculty, students, and visiting scholars the setting and scholarly community to learn from and participate in comparative social research.

Many of the participants' research designs use a new institutionalist framework, which focuses on the broader culture and social environment that shapes and explains variation in individual, organizational, and nation-state actors. Most research presented at CSW is designed around the collection and analysis of longitudinal and often cross-national (or global) data.

All Stanford students are welcome to enroll in the workshop course and all members of the Stanford community are welcome to attend regularly.


weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 2:30pm PT (Zoom link: please e-mail for password)


to the listserv for a weekly update about the presentation schedule


in SOC 311A / EDUC 387, "Workshop: Comparative Sociology"